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Boston's Annexed Towns and Some Neighborhood Resources: West Roxbury

Boston is a city of neighborhoods, owing mostly to the fact the Boston as we know it today is an amalgamation of towns that were annexed in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Monument Square, Jamaica Plain

Theodore Parker Church, West Roxbury

Adams Park, Roslindale


The western part of the City of Roxbury split off to form the Town of West Roxbury in 1851.  It survived on its own until 1874, when it was annexed to Boston along with Brighton and Charlestown.  The center of the town was not in the current neighborhood of West Roxbury, but rather in the Jamaica Plain section.  This leads to the quirk that the West Roxbury District Court is in Jamaica Plain.  The town hall still exists as the BYCF Curtis Hall Community Center.

Town Reports

Sadly, the Boston Public Library did not collect the town reports of West Roxbury.  There is one item that has been digitized-

Annual Report of the School Committee of the Town of West Roxbury, 1852-65.

Also, this guide to the town records at the Boston City Archives (which is located in West Roxbury) might be of help.

Other Government Documents

This is by no means an exhaustive list of government information available on Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and West Roxbury, the current neighborhoods that were part of the town of West Roxbury.  Note that there are Boston Landmarks Commission Reports for individual properties in neighborhoods.

Jamaica Plain


West Roxbury

Books on West Roxbury History

West Roxbury Newspapers on Microfilm

AN2.M4J355 Jamaica Plain Citizen Weekly Jan 5, 1939- Dec 30, 1958;      Jan 8, 1976+
AN2.M4J36 Jamaica Plain Gazette Weekly/ Bi-Weekly Feb 1, 1991+
AN2.M4J38 Jamaica Plain News Weekly Feb 4, 1899- Dec 29, 1900;    Jan 3, 1903- Dec 28, 1912
AN2.M4J385 Jamaica Plain Press Weekly Nov 2, 1939- Feb 29, 1940
AN2.M4R855 Parkway (Roslindale) Transcript  Weekly Jan 5, 1939- Dec 29, 1960;       Jan 5, 1966-Mar. 27, 2003
AN2.M4R858 Roslindale/Hyde Park Gazette Bi-Weekly Sep 16, 1994- Apr 17, 1997
AN2.M4W444 West Roxbury Transcript (also see Parkway Transcript) Weekly Jan 3, 1973- Dec 1978