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Boston's Annexed Towns and Some Neighborhood Resources: Brighton

Boston is a city of neighborhoods, owing mostly to the fact the Boston as we know it today is an amalgamation of towns that were annexed in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.


Settled in 1630, Brighton was a part of the Town of Cambridge until its incorporation in 1807.  Eventually the cattle industry became prominent, with the Brighton Stock Yards and Brighton Abattoir providing beef to the Boston area.  In 1874 it was annexed to the City of Boston along with Charlestown and West Roxbury.

Town Reports

Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Brighton

Treasurer's Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Brighton for the Year Ending...

Auditors' Report for the Town of Brighton ... for the Year Ending... (not available for digitizing)

Official Reports of the Town of Brighton for the Year Ending...

The public library of the Town of Brighton was established in part due to a bequest of James Holton, a prominent resident of the town.  The library was named in his honor.  When Brighton became a part of Boston, the Holton Library became a part of the Boston Public Library.

Other Government Documents

This is by no means an exhaustive list of government information available on Brighton or Allston.

Brighton (Boston 200)- an oral history done in conjunction with the nation's bicentennial.

Allston- Brighton District Profile for 1978 and 1979

Allston-Brighton Preservation Study (Boston Landmarks Commission.  For other BLC documents, check the catalog.)

Books on Allston/Brighton History

Allston/Brighton Newspapers on Microfilm

Allston AN2. M4A53 Allston Brighton Citizen Item Weekly 1967-1968; 1970-1973; Oct-Dec 1975; 1977; 1979-1990
Allston AN2. M4A53 Allston Citizen Weekly Feb 12- Dec 31, 1942
Allston AN2. M4A53 Allston Brighton Citizen Weekly Jan 5- Nov 9, 1939
Allston AN2.M4A54 Allston-Brighton Community News Weekly 1976-1980
Allston AN2.M4A545 Allston Brighton Journal (Allston Brighton Citizen Journal) Weekly June 25, 1987- Dec 14, 1995
Allston AN2.M4A546 Allston-Brighton Tab Weekly 1996-June 2003
Allston AN2.M4A549 Weekly Review Weekly 1908-1911
Allston AN2.M4A549 Weekly Mirror Weekly 1899-1908
Brighton AN2.M4B73 Brighton Citizen Weekly 1942
Brighton AN2.M4B74 Item (Brighton Item) Weekly Jan 2, 1895-Jun 24, 1944
Brighton AN2.M4B75 Brighton Messenger Weekly Jan 27, 1872- Jan 22, 1876