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Boston's Annexed Towns and Some Neighborhood Resources: Charlestown

Boston is a city of neighborhoods, owing mostly to the fact the Boston as we know it today is an amalgamation of towns that were annexed in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.


The Town of Charlestown was incorporated in 1628, 2 years before Boston.  It was the site of one of the early battles of the American Revolution, the Battle of Bunker Hill, which was fought on the 17th of June 1775.  It was later home to the Charlestown Navy Yard.  In 1847 it became a city, and in 1874 it became a part of the City of Boston along with Brighton and West Roxbury.

Town Reports

Other Government Documents on Charlestown

This is by no means an exhaustive list of government information available on Charlestown.  The Boston Redevelopment Authority produced many materials on the reuse of the Charlestown Navy Yard alone.  These materials are meant to provide a basic snapshot of Charlestown.

Charlestown (Boston 200)- an oral history done in conjunction with the nation's bicentennial.

Charlestown District Profile, 1978 and 1979 editions.

Charlestown Survey Project Completion Forms- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Boston Landmarks Commission.  More BLC materials can be found in the catalog)


Books on Charlestown History

The following books are on the history of Charlestown generally.  There have been many books on the burning of the Ursuline Convent.  Some of those materials can be found through a catalogue search for "Ursuline Convent Charlestown."

Charlestown Newspapers on Microfilm

AN2.M4C2175 American Recorder, and Charlestown Advertiser Weekly/ Semi-Weekly Dec 9, 1785-May 25, 1787
AN2.M4C21754 Bunker Hill Aurora (et al) Weekly Jul 12, 1827-Sep 24, 1870
AN2.M4C21763 Bunker-Hill Sentinel (including the Franklin Monitor) Weekly Jan 2, 1819-Jul 29, 1820
AN2.M4C217655 Bunker Hill Times (& Charlestown Times) Weekly Oct 19, 1872-Dec 13, 1879; Jan 3, 1891-Sep 14, 1895
AN2.M4C218 Charlestown Advertiser (aka City Advertiser) Weekly/ Semi-Weekly Oct 25, 1851, Dec 13, 1851-Nov 25, 1876
AN2.M4C2181 Charlestown Bridge Weekly Oct. 27, 2004-
AN2.M4C218244 Charlestown Enterprise (and the New Enterprise) Weekly Jul 7, 1882-Oct 19, 1884; Feb 27, 1886-Dec 25, 1920
AN2.M4C21827 Charlestown Ledger Weekly Jul 4, 1986- Dec 23, 1987
AN2.M4C2183 Charlestown News Weekly Sep 7, 1878-Feb 20, 1886
AN2.M4C21832 Charlestown News Weekly Jan 5-Dec 27, 1924; Jan 1, 1926- Dec 28, 1936; Jan 7, 1938-Dec 27, 1940
AN2.M4C218333 Charlestown Patriot (and Somerville Chronicle) Weekly Sep 25, 1958-Dec 31, 1968, Feb 28, 1975-Mar 2, 2006 
AN2.M4C2258 Saturday Chronicle (Charlestown Chronicle) Weekly Oct 3, 1868-Oct 4, 1873
AN2.M4C2259 Weekly Visiter Weekly May 26-Aug 11, 1846