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Boston's Annexed Towns and Some Neighborhood Resources: Dorchester

Boston is a city of neighborhoods, owing mostly to the fact the Boston as we know it today is an amalgamation of towns that were annexed in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Dorchester Town Seal


The Town of Dorchester was one of the first towns established in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, being established in 1630.  Among its claims to fame, it was the home of the first town meeting in 1633 and was the first town to have a free public elementary school, the Mather School.  In 1870 it was annexed to Boston.

Town Reports

Annual Reports often went by different names.  Earlier years were discussions of expenditures, while later years also had narrative.

Other Government Documents

This is by no means an exhaustive list of government information available on Dorchester.

Dorchester (Boston 200)- an oral history done in conjunction with the nation's bicentennial.

Dorchester/Uphams Corner District Profile, 1978 and 1979 editions

Dorchester/Mattapan Project Completion Report (Boston Landmarks Commission survey.  More BLC materials can be found in the catalog.)

Books on Dorchester History

Dorchester Newspapers on Microfilm

AN2.M4D532 Curbstone Monthly Jul 29 1989-Dec 1991
AN2.M4D535 Dorchester Argus-Citizen Weekly Sep 18, 1975- Dec 31, 1979; Jan 3, 1980+
AN2.M4D54 Dorchester Beacon (aka Boston Beacon, Dorchester News, Dorchester News Gatherer) Weekly Sep 27, 1873-Dec 29, 1960
AN2.M4D545 Dorchester Community News Bi-Weekly, Monthly Jan 1974-Feb 10, 2007
AN2.M4D55 Dorchester Record (Dorchester-Roxbury Record, Suburban Record) Weekly Feb 27, 1941-May 15, 1969; [1941-43]; [1946-49]
AN2.M4D56 Reporter/Dorchester Reporter Monthly, Semi-Monthly Sep 1983+
AN2.M4D565 Mercury Weekly Sep 8, 1855- Aug 16, 1856
AN2.M4S641 South Boston Gazette and Dorchester Chronicle Weekly May 10, 1851- Sep 25, 1852
AN2.M4M38 Mattapan Tribune Weekly Sep 18, 1975- Dec 31, 1979
AN2.M4M52 Milton-Mattapan News (aka Mattapan-Milton News) Weekly Jan 7, 1939- Jul 21, 1949