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Historic Congressional Committee Hearings and Reports

This guide will point you to publications of the United States Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) available online and in libraries.

Warren Commission Hearings and Report

The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, commonly known as the Warren Commission, was created by President Lyndon Johnson and chaired by Chief Justice Earl Warren to investigate President Kennedy's assassination. The Commission presented their findings in a report to President Johnson on September 24, 1964. The Commission also released 26 hearing volumes on November 23, 1964 comprised of testimonies from 550 witnesses and evidence.

The Warren Commission Report and 26 volumes of the hearings were published by the US Government Printing Office in 1964. Nearly 235,000 copies of the report and nearly 5,600 sets of the hearings were printed.

In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the Warren Commission Report, the GPO (now the US Government Publishing Office) made the complete report and 26 hearing volumes available on its Federal Digital System (FDsys).  These materials were digitized by the Boston Public Library in 2007. BPL shared the files with the USGPO.

  • For link to all twenty-six part of the hearings and to the Warren Commission Report, click here
  • For link to historic video of GPO’s production of the Warren Commission Report, click here

“GPO is committed to digitization efforts and providing future generations of Americans with digital access to historical content,” Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks. “I thank Boston Public Library for collaborating with GPO to digitize the hearing volumes. This digitization effort reflects GPO’s digital transformation from printing the report 50 years ago to making digitally available today.”

The post President Kennedy assassination audio tape recordings of conversations between various individuals in Washington, DC and Air Force One pilots and officials on board during the flight from Dallas to Andrews Air Force Base are also available on FDsys.

For link to post assassination audio tape recordings, click here.

Youtube video on history of the printing of the Warren Commission report and digitization fifty years later in cooperation with BPL.  (3 minutes) 

Direct links to the Internet Archive website for each of the twenty-six volumes and the report are listed below:




The report is available here.