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Exploring Trees and Equity in Boston through Literature: Resources at the BPL

Learn about tree and nature equity in Boston and trees in literature and art. Developed in partnership with Speak for the Trees.

Resources at the Boston Public Library



Boston Public Library Catalog

      Guide to using the BPL catalog 



  • Botanical Illustration 
  • Climatic Changes — Social Aspects
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Environmentalism
  • Forests and Forestry
  • Forests and Forestry - History
  • Forests and Forestry — Social Aspects 
  • Forest Ecology
  • Forest Canopy
  • Forest Conservation
  • Forest Regeneration
  • Forests and Forestry - Fiction
  • Forests in Art
  • Forests in Literature
  • Global Warming — Social Aspects
  • Human Ecology
  • Photography of Trees 
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Trees - Conservation
  • Trees - Ecology
  • Trees - Environmental Aspects
  • Trees - Fiction
  • Trees - Folklore
  • Trees - History
  • Trees - Poetry
  • Trees — Social Aspects 
  • Trees in Art
  • Trees in Literature
  • Trees in Cities
  • Urban Ecology
  • Urban Forestry 


NOTE:  More information about requesting and obtaining material through the BPL at this time can be found on the BPL To Go program page. A tutorial showing how to place requests, etc. is included on the page, and instructions for downloading eBooks can be found on the Using Online Resources page


Online Resources

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