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Reentry Resources for Returning Citizens, their families, and loved ones: Health & Wellness

This LibGuide contains information for individuals formally incarcerated or detained in county, state, or federal institutions, and are returning to or living in the state of Massachusetts.
While the resources listed here are intended to connect you with health, wellness, and recovery resources, they do not replace the expert advice of a qualified health care professional. We encourage you to consult with a health care provider when making health related decisions.
Community Health Centers

This listing of community health centers in Boston is not comprehensive but offers visitors a selection of health services throughout the neighborhoods of Boston. 

How to Use Map

Zoom in usinyour mouse's scrolling feature or the  and  symbols on the map below. Click on each marker to learn the name of the organization or location, its address, and its contact information.



National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Samaritans Hotline

LGBT Helpline - Fenway Health


Physical Health & Wellness Resources
Mental Health
Recovery Resources

The Boston Public Library created an Addiction Recovery Resources LibGuide that contains information on substance use and recovery services. It is designed for both active users and their loved ones. This guide is not meant to provide expert, clinical, or medical advice. Its intention is to provide the public with an informational resource guide that connects individuals to recovery centers, detoxification & intervention programs, overdose prevention measures, needle exchange services, scientific facts about drugs and alcohol, parental support guides and tips, helpful books and handouts, and more. Please click on the link below to access this guide directly.