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Newspapers at the BPL: Masthead Gallery

Newspaper resources at the Boston Public Library and beyond.


Masthead: the name of a newspaper or magazine, which is usually set in a special design and printed at the top of the first page of each issue. [P. Collin (Ed.), Dictionary of publishing and printing. London, United Kingdom].

While many newspapers set their name in plain letters, others have used elaborate designs and typefaces to promote their product.  Here are examples of some of these decorative mastheads. The examples are taken from all three formats in our collection — original newspapers, microfilms, and digitized images.

Gallery of Decorative Mastheads

Alta California

American Gazette: or, the Constitutional Journal

American Recorder, and the Charlestown Advertiser

American Statesman

American Union

American Volunteer


Ballou's Pictorial

Banner of Light

Belfast Newsletter, and General Advertiser

Bird of Freedom

Boston Cultivator


Ladies' Enterprise

Life in Boston

Little Genius

L'Etendard Nationale

Massachusetts Cataract

Yankee Blade