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Reader's Corner: Religious Fiction

Looking for a good book to read but don't know where to start? This guide covers popular, award-winning, and just plain great nonfiction and fiction genres and books.

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Religious Fiction

Religious Fiction has many subgenres and similar genre titles. Overall, novels that range from having a strong religious element to those that have a slight religious overtone can be considered Religious Fiction, whatever that religion may be. Inspirational Fiction is another term that can be used for Religious Fiction. The biggest subgenre from Religious Fiction or Inspirational Fiction is "Christian Fiction." Christian fiction can include stories in the mystery, thriller, or romance genres, as well as general fiction. Inspirational Romance/Christian Romance is a fairly large subgenre on it's own and usually involves a romance between two characters who have strong faiths. From this romance subgenre, one can find Amish, or Historical Inspirational, and so on and so forth. Religious fiction is a much broader genre than one may initially think. 

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