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Literary Criticism for Students (and anyone else)

A guide to researching literary criticism online and at the library

Writing Your Paper

All your planning has paid off. You've done your research, completed your note-taking, you're on schedule, and ready to write your paper. It should be easy but writing a literary research paper can be a challenging experience. Things to consider as you go through the process:

  • Review your teacher's instructions for the paper in terms of length, formatting, documentation style, etc. and make sure to adhere to them. There is no point in submitting a 20-page paper if your teacher only requires 5.
  • As you write your paper, make sure that when you use the words or ideas of another person that the use is properly documented.
  • Save each draft on your computer. Later on, you might decide you would like to use some of that earlier material.
  • As you continue through the writing process, print out an occasional hard copy of your paper as a back up in case of computer problems.
  • Leave plenty of time for revision and proofreading. Last-minute papers, produced in all-night sessions, just before the paper is due, preclude careful reviewing.
  • Proofread your paper personally in addition to using a spell checker. The spell checker will only pick up misspelled words, not incorrect words.
  • Deliver your paper on time, and according to your teacher's specifications.  After all the effort you put in, you do not want to be penalized for being tardy.

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