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Literary Criticism for Students (and anyone else)

A guide to researching literary criticism online and at the library

Using Online Resources

The Internet is a rich resource for the student of literature.  You can find general literature sites, or ones that specialize in a particular author, period, or genre; free open online courses to further your education; quick homework help; free online texts, and more.  Anyone, however, can create a website.  You can evaluate the resources found on the Internet using the CRAAP test. The test was originally developed by the Meriam Library, California State University, Chico.  Briefly, the acronym stands for:

  • Currency:  Is the site up to date? 
  • Relevance: Is it relevant to your research?  Is the material written at an appropriate level for your research needs?
  • Authority: Has the site been created by a government agency or respected organization? The site's URL can help with establishing authority. Examples: .gov (U.S. government), .edu(educational), .org (nonprofit organization), .com(commercial)
  • Accuracy: To your knowledge is the information accurate? Is there a review process for the material on the site?  
  • Purpose: Is the purpose of the site to educate, to sell, to entertain, or to promote?

Download a detailed guide to evaluating information using the CRAAP test or check out the Johnson & Wales University Library video in the Evaluating Online Sources section below.

General Resources

American Literature

British Literature



A fore-edged painting of Anne Hathaway's cottage


Quick Homework Help