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Filene's Department Store History and Marketing Archives

This guide will provide you with resources to find the history of Filene's Department Store and where to find and access the Marketing Archives.



These databases will require a Boston Public Library card to access them outside the library. 



Here are a few pictures of Filene's Department Store in its heyday.

You can find more pictures at the Digital Commonwealth, Filene's Complex Study Report (starting on page 10), Department Store Online Museum and on Wikimedia Commmons.


             Filene's, Boston, MA, Opening Day 1912                                      

  Opening Day 1912, Boston, MA  (Filene's Complex Study Report)                      Washington Street at Sumner Street Postcard  (Wikipedia)


              Facade, Filene's Store, Boston, MA                                               

              Facade, Boston, MA c. 1915 (Digital Commonwealth)                                     Women trying on dresses (Filene's Complex Study Report)



                                                                      Display Window ca. 1920 (Filene's Complex Study Report)