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Community Gardening: Web & Mobile

A guide to community gardening resources in the Boston Public Library and online

Mayor's Garden Contest

Farmers' Markets

Storing, Canning & Preserving

Gardening Tips and Advice

Watch the video below as the New York Botanical Garden's Sonia Uyterhoven explains how to get a jump start on the planting season by starting your seeds indoors.

Produced by Cornell Waster Management Institute, the video below explains composting, what problems can occur, and how to solve them.

The TED-Ed video below explains vermicomposting, and its benefits, from both an environmental and economic point of view.

Online Gardening Resources & Mobile Apps

The Cooperative Extension System is a collaborative program in which land-grant universities and colleges, with the support of the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), bring research-based information to both rural and urban communities. The program covers a broad range of subjects including farming, horticulture, sustainability, the environment, food and nutrition, and more.

The Cooperative Extension websites are a rich source of regional gardening information for both the home gardener and the horticulture industry, including what plants to grow, when to plant, freeze/frost data, and more. Services offered include soil testing and pest and plant disease identification. Publications, and how-to videos, on many gardening-related topics such as composting, soil, building garden structures, and more are made available online.

Thanks to online gardening communities you can get all the gardening advice you need without setting foot outside your door.  You can use online gardening blogs and forums, and sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to connect with other gardeners and satisfying your gardening needs.  Check out the sites below and see if you can find a favorite.