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Anti-Slavery Collection: Other Holding Institutions / Related Projects

This guide provides researchers and students with access to resources related to the American Anti-Slavery movement of the 19th century in New England.

Anti-Slavery Archives/Repositories at other Institutions

Transcribing Anti-Slavery Letters with Zooniverse


The BPL has partnered with Zooniverse, a crowd-sourced transcription platform, to transcribe more than 12,000 digitized letters from the library's anti-slavery collection. As of April 2018, nearly 3,000 participants have transcribed materials, one line at a time (once three users agree on a line's wording, it is considered complete). Transcriptions will be uploaded to complement the digital files already online via Digital Commonwealth.

Learn more about the transcription project and how to participate.

Data Mining the BPL's Collection

Professor Caleb McDaniel (Rice University) uses metadata from the BPL's digitized anti-slavery letters on the Internet Archive to create a data visualization of the correspondence among the abolitionists in the collection. William Lloyd Garrison represents the central node, while the Weston sisters display as another cluster above him.

Read more about Professor McDaniel's project.