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Introduction to 3D Design and Printing

Resources to learn about 3D design and 3D printing best practices

What is SketchUp?

SketchUp is a 3d modeling software you can use for architectural drawings, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, and film and video game design. 

SketchUp has 3 versions for personal use.  SketchUp free is a free web based application.  SketchUp Shop is a paid web-based application with some advanced features. SketchUp Pro is the top tier which includes a web and desktop version.  

Helpful Hints for Use and Navigation


  1. Open/Model Preferences icon:  Click here to find your account info, templates for creating new models, etc
  2. Model name: Click Untitled to save your model to the cloud.
  3. File Operations icon: Click here to download a new or existing model or save your current model as a new file. 
  4. Toolbar: Contains the tools you need to create 3D models. Has most of the same functionally as professional apps. Click and hold a tool to get more options
  5. Status bar: From left to right, you find the Undo/Redo buttons, a link to the Help Center, a language menu, a link to the SketchUp Forums, tips and options for the selected tool, and the Measurements box for modeling accurately.
  6. Panels: Click these icons to access panels for entity info, the Instructor, components, materials, styles, layers, views, and display.
  7. Josh: One of the many 2d and 3d elements you can add to your design from the 3d Warehouse.  



Key/Mouse movement


Command +Z


M or Command + 0


P or Command + =


S or Command + -


Hand/or Command + R


Scroll wheel

Orbit (move around in 3d)

Hold down scroll wheel


Resources for Learning