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Finding Images and Other Visual Resources: Museum Collections

There are more ways to find interesting and useful images than Flickr and Google Image search. Learn how and where!


National Gallery of Art Audio and Video Podcasts
Scholarly lectures, including selections from the the A.W. Mellon Lectures, the Elson Lectures with contemporary artists, conversations with art collectors, introductions to exhibitions.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History 
The Timeline is a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world, as illustrated by the Museum's collection. The Timeline extends from prehistory to the present day.

Museum Collection Websites

The following is not intended to be a comprehensive list of links to museums; rather, it presents links specifically to museums with searchable collection databases containing high quality images in a browsable collection interface.
Museums are listed according to geographical locations.
North America
Asia Pacific (East Asia, South East Asia, Australia)
People’s Republic of China
Republic of China (Taiwan)
University Art Museum, Tōkyō University of the Arts (formerly Tōkyō National University of Fine Arts and Music)