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Researching Old Stocks

Learn the best resources and strategies for researching old stocks

Investor Relations Pages

Publicly traded companies provide an investor relations or investor services page on their website. Usually you can find a link to these pages on the company's home page.

Or you can search the company name plus "investor relations" using your favorite search engine.  

These pages  often include a  "historical pricing" section or something very similar. Sometimes the pricing information does not include the dates you need so you may have to go elsewhere to verify the price.

Other information you can locate on these pages includes:

  • Stock split information
  • Dividend payouts
  • Company's most recent SEC filings
  • Press releases  

Using Yahoo! Finance for Historical Stock Prices

Yahoo Finance is a great resource to look up historical stock information.  The coverage of dates varies between each company.

Step 1: To begin click on the the link above or type into the address bar of your browser.  

Near the top of the Yahoo finance page you will see a search bar.  You may type in the ticker symbol or company name and a list will appear of company names.  Click on the company you are researching. 

Step 2:  Select historical prices

You will land on a summary page for the company you have selected.  On this page you will find recent headlines, current prices and some analyst data.  

Click on the Historical Data tab toward the right side of the page.

Step 3: Narrowing your dates

You will be presented with a chart which displays the Year-to-date high, low, close, and adjusted close of the stock selected.  Date ranges for share prices vary from company to company.  You may adjust this range to reflect the date(s) that for  which you want data. You also have the option of just searching for dividends and stock splits. On the right side of the chart there is a link to download the data into excel.