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Music at the BPL: Online Resources

A guide to the Music Department at the Boston Public Library's Central Library in Copley Square, including resources and suggestions for searching our collections.

Oxford Music Online

Want to search all the Oxford Music Online collections simultaneously?  You can, just follow the link below!

Types of Books about Music

Descriptive Catalog: bibliography of composers work

Thematic Catalog: provides notation for the beginning or segments of each work, or movement; usually organized in chronological or classified order

Discographies: list of recordings either of a composer, artist, orchestra, or instrument combination

Bibliographies: can be in book form or footnotes, citations, and bibliographies from other sources

Introduction to Online Resources

Knowing where to start your search can be tricky.  The following resources can provide background information on a wide range of musical topics.

Unless noted below, most of these collections are accessible anywhere with a valid BPL library card. 

Online Resources

Please note that Music Index and RIPM are available for in library use only.