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Green Workforce Development

Did you know that 9.8 million jobs require green tasks*? The City of Boston is recruiting people to drastically increase the green workforce to reach sustainability goals. Whether you identify as blue-collar or white-collar, you can go green collar!

Green Workforce Documents

Green Workforce Programs Designed to Ensure Equity & Inclusion

Most of the organizations mentioned in this guide specifically mention that equity & inclusion are integral to the green workforce movement. One primary reason for this is to ensure high quality jobs and salaries go to groups historically cut-out of wealthy and promising workforces/businesses. The City's Climate Action Plan (available as a PDF in the left menu) includes these goals to build an equitable green workforce:

  • Continue to build a diverse, inclusive workforce of people of color, women, recent immigrants, veterans, and young professionals.
  • Job training programs should be designed to accommodate different skill sets and educational levels and should be financially accessible to all Boston residents.
  • High-quality job opportunities in this field need to be accessible and fairly distributed. Living wages and appropriate benefits should be provided, as well as opportunities for career advancement. Wherever possible, employers should give workers a voice.

Local organizations pledging equity and their related programs: