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Boston Public Schools Historical Research: School Building Images

This guide provides resources and strategies for researching the history of the Boston Public School system, individual schools and guidance on finding high school yearbooks.

BPS History

Home - General histories of the Boston Public School system and individual schools

Busing Crisis - The most controversial era for the Boston Public Schools

Official Records - Available from the Boston Public Library or the Boston Public School Department

Schools - Researching specific school names, school buildings and images

Yearbooks - Finding yearbooks for specific schools

School Building Images

As you can see throughout this research guide, there are many images of Boston Public Schools available.The Boston Public Library has digitized many photographs, postcards, etc. on the Digital Commonwealth website.  The City of Boston Archives also has digitzed a collection of school building photographs on its Flickr account.  Individual Boston Public Schools may have photos on their websites, including historic photos on the About Us or History pages.  It also is worth checking on the school's websites to see if there is a school library.  The library also may have a photo collection.