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Writing Fiction: An Introductory Guide: Home

A guide to the craft and business of writing fiction.
Welcome Writers!


Whether you're new to writing and publishing or you're an old hat, this guide will help you find the resources you need to make your prose shine and get your book into the hands of your readers.


Writing Fiction Contents

Recommended Reading​

• The Writing Craft

• Writers on Writing

• Writing the Genres

• Get Your Facts Right

• Editing Your Novel

• Publishing & Marketing

National Organizations

• General Organizations

• Organizations by Genre

• Specialized Organizations

Writing Classes & Critique Groups

• Take a Writing Class

• Choose the Right Critique Group for You

• Join a Critique Group

• Start Your Own Critique Group

Blogs & Websites

• General Websites

• Craft of Writing

• Get Your Facts Right

• Publishing

• Podcasts & Radio Shows

Tools of the Trade

• Word processors & Writing Apps

• Idea Creation & Organizational Tools

• Motivators & Focus Tools

• Editing Tools


• Manuscript Word Count Guide

• Manuscript Formatting Guidelines

• Find an Editor

• Find an Agent

• Traditional Publishing

• Independent Publishing


• Build Your Website

• Start a Blog

• Send a Newsletter

• Social Media for Writers

• Use Promotional Platforms

• Get Book Reviews

• Your Book on Library Shelves

• Author Talks at Libraries & Bookstores

Reader Services at the Central Library

 Reading Recommendations

• Genre & Reference Guides

• Now Read This! Newsletters

• Book Discussion Groups at the Central Library

• eBook & eAudiobook Help

• Computer Classes

• Availability & Contact

• Reader Services Librarian

Please note that the library does not endorse any of the products listed on these pages. The lists of tools and strategies in this guide are meant to be a starting point and you may find something else not listed here that works better for you.

Completed May 2019