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Boston's LGBTQ+ History: Published Histories and Biographies

A guide to the historical resources about the LGBTQ+ community collected at the Boston Public Library

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... You will find biographies and history books about the Boston LGBTQ+ community in general as well as about specific members of that community or events within it. If there is someone or something you don't see here and would like to see included, let us know!

A Note on History and Identity

The constantly changing nature of social attitudes towards questions of sexual orientation and gender identity has, throughout history, drastically affected the way people self identify and present those identities to the world around them. The biographical subjects in this section may or may not have identified with a modern conception of the LGBTQ+ community, and applying modern labels to historical figures and behaviors is often difficult or counterproductive. As such, some of the biographical subjects listed here are those which are cited by published histories, academic research, or community traditions as being historical antecedents to the LGBTQ+ community of Boston today.

LGBTQ+ Histories and Biographies