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Reader's Corner - Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Welcome to the Reader's Corner devoted to the wide world of science fiction! Whether you're new to the genre or a well-versed sci-fi geek, this guide will provide you with an overview of the genre, events to check out, and plenty of book recommendations.

What is Science Fiction?

Science fiction, or sci-fi, is a type of speculative fiction that can be difficult to define due to its broad scope. For example, it may deal with advanced science or technology of the future, life on other planets or on board spacecrafts, or alternate universes. Due to the high-tech concepts often present in sci-fi, many people think of science fiction as a futuristic genre, depicting either a current vision of the distant or near future, or a retrofuturistic vision that portrays a future imagined by people in earlier eras. However, science fiction novels can also take place in our current day, with the use of invented technology, or in the past, by means of time travel or alternate histories.

Ultimately, a science fiction story takes place in a world that differs from our own some way, be it through the invention of new technology, the discovery of new scientific concepts, the altering of history, or the introduction of alien worlds and life forms. Perhaps most importantly, these differences are predominantly based in logic, rationality, and science as opposed to the magic or supernatural forces of fantasy (although some individual speculative fiction novels may contain both elements of sci-fi and fantasy-- this is why the two genres are often linked together under the umbrella of SFF!).

While many subgenres of science fiction exist, this guide will focus on those listed on the sidebar. Post-apocalyptic science fiction can also be found within the apocalyptic science fiction category. Likewise, the cyberpunk category contains other "punk" derivatives such as post-cyberpunk, biopunk, nanopunk, and solarpunk.

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