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Horror Fiction

Welcome to the Reader's Corner devoted to the wide world of horror fiction! Whether you're a novice or a horror connoisseur, this guide will provide you with an overview of the genre, blogs and events to check out, and plenty of book recommendations. Browse the booklists to brush up on the classics, discover an underrated gem to add to your collection, or find a book that will keep you up all night!

What is horror?

Simply put, horror fiction refers to any story that instills fear in the reader. Horror fiction is never boring, as its main purpose is to create an emotional response: dread, chills, a sense of menace, outright terror. How it achieves that goal varies; it's common for horror novels to have supernatural elements, but fear can also be created through gore or psychological means.

What are some horror subgenres? 

There are many subgenres of horror fiction. This guide will cover gothic horror, psychological horror, slasher and serial killer horror, and paranormal/supernatural horror, including vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost, creature, Lovecraftian, and occult horror.

Visit the four main categories and their subcategories by clicking on the buttons below or using the tabs at the top of the page.

Other subgenres exist, although they tend to overlap with these primary four genres. Some of these subgenres include:

  • Body horror -- also known as biological or organic horror, this subgenre of horror fiction involves the unnatural transformation or degeneration of the body through mutation, mutilation, decay, disease, deformity, or supernatural forces.
  • Soft-core horror -- quiet, low-violence horror where the reader experiences fear through a gradual, creeping sense of dread. This is a very cerebral form of horror that relies on mystery and atmosphere and shares elements with gothic and psychological horror.
  • Survival horror -- a subgenre of horror where the isolated protagonist must survive both a stressful environment and a terror menacing them. Survival horror often, but not always, overlaps with serial killer and slasher horror.

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Blogs and Resources

The Classic Horror Blog -- Oldstyle Tales Press publishes edited and illustrated anthologies of classic ghost stories, supernatural tales, horror novels, and weird fiction, circa 1767-1939. Their blog focuses on discussions of major writers, lists of major writers' best stories, brief but deep analyses of a single tale, and studies of Gothic themes, tropes, or genres.

Ginger Nuts of Horror -- a compilation of book and film reviews, author interviews, and breaking news in the horror community.

Hellnotes -- Hellnotes, owned by JournalStone Publishing, is dedicated to bringing you the best information on the internet, covering horror movies, horror fiction, horror comics, horror writers, upcoming releases, and more.

The Horror Bookshelf -- a horror book review blog focusing on plenty of new releases, as well as older books that fellow horror fans may not have read.

The Horror Writers' Association (HWA) -- a nonprofit organization of writers and publishing professionals around the world, dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it. One of HWA’s missions is to encourage public interest in and foster an appreciation of good Horror and Dark Fantasy literature.

Horror World -- news, articles, interviews, and reviews of horror fiction, movies, and creators.

This Is Horror -- This British website specializes in horror fiction and the craft of writing. It includes a podcast dedicated to readers, writers, and creators, books written by some of the best minds in dark fiction today, book reviews of the latest horror and genre releases, and up-to-date news in the world of horror.