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Reader's Corner - Graphic Novels: Nonfiction & Memoir

I Thought Novels Were Fiction!

You're right -- the name is misleading! Most graphic novels are fictional stories, but some authors use the "words plus sequential art" format to tell a true story. They're sometimes called graphic memoirs (if they're about the author's life) or graphic nonfiction, but "graphic novel" has become the umbrella term for the format, even though it's not completely accurate. Graphic nonfiction is an important part of the history of graphic novels; Maus, a graphic memoir by Art Spiegelman, was the first graphic novel to ever win a Pulitzer Prize. 

Nonfiction About Graphic Novels

Were you hoping this page would contain nonfiction about graphic novels instead of the other way around? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This booklist is a good starting point, and you can also try browsing the catalog by subject heading: Comic Books, Strips, Etc. -- History and Criticism

Graphic Memoirs

Graphic Nonfiction