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Reader's Corner - Graphic Novels: Young Readers

Are Comics Good For Kids?

Since the invention of the comic book in the early 20th Century, children have been smitten with these visual stories. Over the years, particularly in the 1950's, the effects of comics on children have been misstated and generally misunderstood. Today, as graphic novels experience a Renaissance in their creativity and narration, readership soars, and many parents find themselves wondering about the merit of this art form. Despite prevailing misconceptions, comics are a wonderful way to increase literacy and reading level in children, and also instill a love of reading within them. Many comic artists have devoted themselves to creating comics for children for this very reason. Talk with your children about graphic novels and introduce them to a magical new world -- but always remember that you, as their parent, should be helping them choose appropriate books! Many graphic novels, despite having colorful and cartoonish art that appeals to children, are intended for older audiences and may contain explicit violence or sexual content. The lists on this page are intended as a starting point to help you find age-appropriate material, and your local children's librarian is a wonderful resource if you are in search of more! 

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