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Film and Television: Feature Films

Keep track of what is new and popular in movies and television.

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What is your favorite movie genre?
Comedy: 4 votes (13.79%)
Drama: 13 votes (44.83%)
Action: 2 votes (6.9%)
Horror: 3 votes (10.34%)
Thriller: 2 votes (6.9%)
Romance: 2 votes (6.9%)
Fantasy: 1 votes (3.45%)
Science Fiction: 1 votes (3.45%)
Animated: 1 votes (3.45%)
Total Votes: 29

Feature Films

The term Feature Film first came into use to refer to the main film to be shown at the cinema. To be considered a feature film, a film needs typically be more than an hour. Features Films are also referred to generally as Movies, or Motion Pictures.

For the purpose of this LibGuide, movies termed "Indie Films", will also be included under the tab "Feature Films".

Lists of Feature Films in the BPL Online Catalog

Forrest Gump The Lion King