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Reader's Corner - Graphic Novels: Parent/Teacher Resources

Are Comics Helping Or Hurting Children Learn?

Today we are living in a world which relies on technology more and more everyday. Between smart phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions, it seems as if we, and our children, are faced with an infinite number of distractions. Because of this, it is natural for parents and educators to worry about their children's interest in reading. As digital natives, children often seem more at home with a touch screen than with a book.

In light of this, parents and educators have begun discussing the nature of one particular type of book which continues to capture the attention of children everywhere: the comic book. Is this form of narrative beneficial in getting children to read, or just another distraction? It turns out that many librarians and teachers have found that comics are a great way to get children interested in reading, and that comics and graphic novels hold a great amount of literary and educational value. But don't just take our word for it: this page is filled with resources for parents and other interested parties which demystify the educational value of comics, and will get you as excited as your child about reading them!

Comics As An Academic Resource

Why Kids Need Comics