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Reader's Corner - M/M Romance

Romance novels about men falling in love with men.

What is M/M Romance?

     Welcome to the Reader's Corner devoted entirely to the growing genre of M/M romance! New to the genre? This guide will help you get your feet wet! Well read, but needing some good recommendations? Hopefully we’ve included titles that are as of yet, unknown to you.

What is M/M Romance?

     To be considered an M/M (or Male/Male) romance novel, a book must include two (or more) gay men falling in love, and there must be a "Happily Ever After" or a "Happy For Now" ending. (Note: transgender men and gender nonconforming characters have also been included on these lists.) However, romance is just the beginning! Many of these novels also feature other genres, such as fantasy, where you might find a god falling in love with a magical priest while they fight to unite and save a world from complete destruction. In the genre of gay romance there are no limits!

To learn more about why it's called "M/M", check out the History of the M/M Romance Genre at the bottom of this page.

Getting Started

     Feel free to dive right in and check out the menu to the left. There you will find resource lists as well as lists of recommended reading within the various gay romance subgenres. While some of the titles will have multiple subgenres they have only been listed under one of them. Almost all of these books will include sex scenes, however, most will focus more on the romance than the sex, which is why a separate erotica list has been included.


     If a book is part of a series, the series title and the number of the book in that series will be included after the book's title. If the book can be read as a standalone, it will say "standalone", whether or not some of the minor characters may overlap with other books in the series. Example: (Tucker Springs #5; standalone.)


     M/M Romance is generally published by small presses dedicated to the genre, and is therefore mostly in eBook format (such as Kindle, ePUB, and others). Thus, very few of the books on these lists are in paperback. To learn more about downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks from the library through Overdrive and Hoopla, check out our Stream & Download page which includes FAQs and tutorial videos for each platform.

LGBTQ Authors: 

     It is also important to know that books in the genre may or may not be written by authors who fit within the LGBTQ+ spectrum themselves, and they have not been identified as such for this guide. 


Please note that the books within this guide may change as the library's collection changes over time.

History of the M/M Romance Genre

     M/M really got started in the 1990's with FanFiction (fiction written by fans based on TV, movie, or book characters) when writers would pair up characters, usually two seemingly straight men, not in a relationship in the cannon, or original, material. In the blurb of the story they would write the pairing as “Nick/Greg” (as in the case of Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) so readers would know who the romantic story was about, which became known as “slash” fiction, for the slash between the two names.

     When M/M romance began being professionally published as original fiction, the slash stayed in the name, though it is silent when pronounced. M/M stands for Male/Male. You will also find other variants on M/M such as M/M/M which represents a threesome or M/M/F which represents a threesome with a female and two males. Of course there is also F/F, also known as Lesbian Romance, depending on the publisher, which is a smaller, but also growing, genre all on its own.

     To read more about the history of the genre and LGBTQ+ Romance history in general, click on this Slate Article.